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Underneath The Linden Trees

with suspenders

22 July
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Alo. My name is Arsenie Toderas. I am a sexy Romanian singer of O-zone who likes to hump my groupmates. I enjoy wearing tight white pants, sunglasses, suspenders, and button down shirts that I refuse to button. I have taken to self tanning my Romanian lover Dan's scrotum. I find this activity most pleasurable. In my spare time I retreat to the linden trees to make hot Romanian love with Dan and Radu. We make manwiches. Dan usually wears outfits similar to mine and Radu fancies his green speedo. (Note: So do I!) On occasion I take part in stomach slapping pelvic thrusts with the help of Dan. Radu is usually on the other side of our manwich watching. He's usually a little shy at first but he comes around. Literally.